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Masks On

Masking goes way back to the 13th century when Venetians would hold celebrations and parties wearing elaborate masks to conceal their identities in order to erase the differences amongst the people and allow them all to enjoy the spirit of carnival.

Masked up. Models in face mask makeup.

That tradition trickled down to New Orleans and is demonstrated during Carnival season with float riders wearing masks to keep with the mystery and tradition. In addition to hiding one's identity, masks using different colors were designed and worn to express freedom of speech and to voice emotions and opinions without judgement.

Since the arrival of the Coronavirus, masking has taken on a different meaning with our new normal requiring the wearing of face masks or face coverings to assist with slowing, and hopefully stopping, the spread of the virus. in order for us to go back to Mardi Gras masking we all must start face masking to keep COVID-19 contamination to a minimum. This was my inspiration for this series of images I'm calling "MASKS ON". Just a little something I decided to do.


Why wait on an editorial experience or opportunity when you can create your own?

I hope you enjoy these looks as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Special thanks to the models Dom, Travon, and CoCoa, hair stylist Touched by Tae, fashion stylist Torrence of Southern Style International, earrings sponsor Monocles Amour and Lacy of Davillier Photography & Graphics. EPIC!

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